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Welcome to the City of Lamberton's Requests for Proposals (RFP) Portal

Welcome to the City of Lamberton's Requests for Proposals (RFP) portal, where we invite visionary developers and innovative firms to join us in shaping the future of our vibrant community. Nestled in the heart of southwestern Minnesota, Lamberton is a city rich in heritage, community spirit, and opportunities for growth. As we look to the future, we are committed to expanding and enhancing our housing options to meet the evolving needs of our residents.

In 2022, we conducted a comprehensive senior housing study that highlighted the pressing need for diverse and accessible housing solutions for our aging population. Building on this foundation, Redwood County is currently undertaking a full county housing study, with results expected by October 2024. These studies underscore our dedication to informed, strategic development that supports our community’s well-being and growth.

Lamberton is poised for development, and we are excited to collaborate with partners who share our vision of creating a thriving, inclusive community. Our strategic location, coupled with a proactive approach to housing development, makes Lamberton an ideal place for investment and innovation.

We encourage you to explore the opportunities available and submit your proposals to help us make Lamberton a place where everyone can find a home. Thank you for your interest in contributing to our city’s bright future. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant Lamberton.

Development of Assisted Living/Senior Housing Facility – Lamberton, MN

Brief description:  The Lamberton Economic Development Authority (EDA) is seeking proposals from qualified developers to design, construct, and manage an assisted living/senior housing facility. The project aims to provide high-quality housing and services for the senior population in Lamberton, enhancing their quality of life and stimulating local economic growth. Interested developers should submit comprehensive proposals outlining their experience, project plan, financial plan, and community impact strategies.  A Senior Housing Study was completed in 2022 and can be found with the full RFP.

Deadline to submit bid or proposal: August 1, 2024

RFP for Twin Homes Construction - City of Lamberton, MN

The City of Lamberton and their EDA invites proposals for the construction of twin homes on fully serviced, ready-to-build lots. This project, guided by restrictive covenants, aims to enhance local housing options in line with the ongoing Redwood County housing study. Qualified developers and builders are encouraged to submit their designs and project plans.

To obtain a full copy of the RFP, please contact Valerie Halter at vhalter@lambertonmn.com ro 507-752-7601 or https://www.lambertonmn.com/rfps-request-for-proposals

Proposals are due by August 1, 2024.

We look forward to your participation in this initiative to improve Lamberton’s residential landscape.

Contact Info

Valerie Halter
EDA Coordinator
PO Box 356