2021 Ambulance Crew

Front Row: Stacy Stoppel, Debbie Vollmer, Stacy Osland, Nicole Maher
Back Row: Colby Davis, Rob Stoppel, Allison Rue (Director), Britany Bartholomaus, Jill Irlbeck, Derek Stevenson
Not Pictured: Kelly Birkemeyer, Tim Birkemeyer, Heidi Conyers, Matt Lenning, John Mariner, Tony Sauer, Julie Senst.

The Ambulance Service is a city owned organization staffed by local volunteer certified Drivers and EMR's and EMT’s. Lamberton Ambulance Service is a Basic Life Support Service that covers 3 cities and 205 sections in 11 different townships

2023 Ambulance Members
Director: Nick Anderson

Member Since
Jill Irlbeck EMT 1996
Debbie Vollmer EMT 2014
Stacy Osland EMT 2016
Colby Davis EMT 2017
Matt Lenning EMR 2017
Tim Birkemeyer EMT 2017
Derek Stevenson EMT 2018
Mindi Hesse EMR 2019
Heidi Conyers EMT 2019
John Mariner Driver 2019
Stacy Stoppel EMT 2020
Nicole Maher EMT 2020
Rob Stoppel Driver 2020
Tina Lambert EMT 2022


If you are interested in joining the Lamberton Ambulance Service please contact city hall or a member of the service.

Emergency-Dial 911

For patient billing inquiries contact Expert Billing Service at 888-680-7540

Contact Info

Nick Anderson
Service Director

Debbie Vollmer
Asst. Service Director