2019 Ambulance Crew

2019 Ambulance Crew

The Ambulance Service is a city owned organization staffed by local volunteer certified drivers and EMT’s. This is a Basic Life Support Service.

Average Number of calls in a month: 11

Number of calls (Sept 2017-Sept 2018): 136

Busiest Month (Sept 2017-Sept 2018): October

2019 Members

Jill Irlbeck (EMT)- Member since 1996

Darrell Kuntson (Casual Driver)- Member since 2001

Allison Rue (EMT)- Member since 2011

Debbie  Vollmer (EMT)- Member since 2014

Nick Anderson (EMT)- Member since 2014

Stacy Osland (EMT)- Member since 2016

Colby Davis (EMR)- Member since 2017

Tony Sauer (EMT)- Member since 2017

Matt Lenning (Casual Driver)- Member since 2017

Paul Bellig (Driver)- Member since 2017

Tim Birkemeyer (EMT)- Member since 2017

Derek Stevenson (EMT)- Member since 2018

Marissa Brown (EMT)- Member since 2018

Britany Bartholomaus (EMT)- Member since 2018

Amber Wolmutt (EMT)- Member since 2018

Mindi Hesse (EMR)- Member since 2019

Heidi Conyers (Driver)- Member since 2019

John Mariner (Driver)- Member since 2019


Allison Rue, Director
200 S. Douglas Street
Lamberton, MN 56152

If you are interested in joining the Lamberton Ambulance Service please contact city hall or a member of the service.

Emergency-Dial 911

For patient billing inquiries contact Advantage Billing Service at 888-680-7540