Frequently Asked Questions

Where is camping available?

Camping is available at Kuhar Park north of Lamberton.  No reservations are needed.  Water and electrical hookups are available for $20.00 per night.  Camping is also available at Plum Creek County Park in Walnut Grove.

RV waste station is available for use located by the city water tower in Lamberton.

Are building permits required?

The City of Lamberton requires land use zoning permits.  Zoning permits are required for new construction, structural changes or changes in property use.

Is open burning allowed?

Open burning is not allowed in the city.  Small recreational fires are allowed and the burning of leaves is permitted on Wednesdays and Saturdays during October and November.  See Ordinance 135 for more information.

Do I need a license for my dog?

Licenses are required for dogs and cats. The cost is $5.00 and licenses are due on May 1st of each year. More information is available in Ordinance 131.

Do you need a license for an ATV?

A license is required for an ATV to be driven on city streets.  Information on ATV and snowmobile use and licenses are available at the City Office.

What do I do with my garden waste?

All yard waste, grass clippings and brush can be taken to the City Yard Waste site located east of Lamberton on 125th Street.  Regulations are posted at the site.