City Council Minutes July 20, 2016

The special meeting of the City Council of the City of Lamberton was held on July 20th, 2016, in the City Office at 7:00 pm.

Members present for the meeting were Mayor Bill Schaffran, Councilmembers Darrell Knutson, Terry Neperman, Lydell Sik, Dave Irlbeck and Clerk Flaig.

Also present at various times was Nick Anderson, Wade Wellner and Justin Thram.

Mayor Schaffran called the meeting to order and stated that the purpose of the meeting was because there are personnel problems with the city maintenance staff.

Clerk Flaig gave the council background information on what had transpired that caused this meeting to be held.  Nick Anderson had recently taken his test for his wastewater license.  He was notified that he had passed his test and that he would receive a letter in the mail verifying this.  When he did not receive the letter in a timely manner he contacted the MPCA and was told that the letter was mailed to him at the city address on June 29th.  He then looked in the dash of the white pickup because he has seen city mail on the dash and noticed a letter address to him on the dash.  He did not take because it was in other mail not addressed to him.  He asked Wade if he remembered the letter.  Wade responded that he did not remember it.  Next morning Nick was using the truck and the letter was gone.  Nick thought that Wade took it.  When Wade was asked by Mayor Schaffran and Clerk Flaig about it Wade said he did not know where the letter was.  He later said that he had the letter and thought that Nick would use the fact that it sat on the dash of the pickup against him and that he felt that Justin and Nick were out to “get” him.

At this time the Council talked to Nick Anderson.  Nick wanted to talk about the incident but the council felt that this was insignificant and just a symptom of a bigger problem among the workers.  The council assured him that the increased pay that he would get would be retroactive to the time that he would have received the letter.  Nick felt that Wade was not doing his job, that he was at the C-Store and on the phone a lot with personal calls, and that Justin and him were having to do most of the work.   Nick also brought up about being on Ambulance not only during the workweek but on weekends and nights, and that he understood that he had to be on since it was a requirement of his employment that he be on the ambulance squad.  Councilmember Neperman told him that he did not have to be on Ambulance during the weekend if he did not want to be.

He was told by the council that Wade is the boss and that they need to do what he tells them to and that he has other duties and that he might not be working with them.  Problem with phone use and other issues are the council’s problem and he does not need to worry about that.

Wade Wellner was next and he told the council about the letter incident and said that it is like Justin and Nick have turned against him.  He has had personnel and marriage issues and felt that these were turned around and being used against him by Justin and Nick.  The council told him that personal issues are personal and should not have a bearing on work and that he needs to step up and take charge.  He was told that he has a right to take breaks but that he does not need to spend long periods of time at the C-Store or talking on his phone.  The City phone is missing and a replacement will need to be ordered.  His private phone should only be for emergencies.  He was told that the workers do not have to friends but they need to talk and work with each other.

Justin Thram was asked to talk to the council. He used to be friends with Wade but not any longer.  He feels that Wade is not doing his job and he and Nick are therefore doing more.  He feels that Wade spends a lot of time in the Ambulance Building during the day.  The Council told him that Wade is their boss and that it is up to him to decide what they need to do and what he does.  All other matters are up to the council.  He was hired to be the Ambulance Director and he is authorized to work on Ambulance matters during the day.  They reiterated that Wade is their boss, they need to listen to him and do what he says and not talk about their jobs to members of the community.  Everyone needs to get along or more action by the council will be taken.

At this time Clerk Flaig showed the council an email that Advantage billing sent to him that was addressed to Wade asking that any ambulance bills be submitted to them for billing since they have not received anything since February and the billings need to be timely.

The Council told Clerk Flaig that he oversees Wade and that he needs to make sure that things are getting done and everyone is civil to each other.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.