City Council Minutes – January 9, 2017

The regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Lamberton was held on January 9th, 2017, in the City Office at 7:00 pm.

Mayor Bill Schaffran and Councilmembers Terry Neperman and Darrell Knutson were sworn into office by Clerk Flaig.  Members present for the meeting were Mayor Bill Schaffran, Councilmembers Darrell Knutson, Terry Neperman, Lydell Sik, Dave Irlbeck and Clerk Flaig.

On motion by Neperman, seconded by Sik, the council voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the December meeting.

On motion by Sik, seconded by Neperman, the council voted unanimously to approve claims #14414 through #14456 in the amount of $205,795.87.

Lucas Youngsma of the MN Department of Natural Resources to let the council know that the DNR was looking at setting up a meeting that would include the City of Lamberton, City of Sanborn, Farmers Gold and Health Club and Redwood County.  The dam at Sanborn is being flanked and the iron beam dam at the golf course is becoming unstable.  The dam at Kuhar Park is not in danger of failure at this point but the DNR would like to discuss the future of this dam as well.  A meeting will be set up in February.

Fire Chief Tom Neperman informed the council that all equipment that was part of the American Firefighter grant has been purchased. Required training will be taking place over the next two months.  The City of Wanda may be interested in the old extrication equipment.  The council approve designating this as surplus property and would be ready to reach an agreement regarding the equipment.  A DNR grant was secured and this will be used to purchase light wildland gear for fighting grass fires.   The possibility of lockers for the Fire Hall was also discussed.  The hydrant at 4th and Douglas is out of service and will need to be repaired.

Lisa Jenniges of LJ’s on Main, LLC was present to discuss Sunday liquor sales.  On motion by Sik, seconded by Knutson, the council voted unanimously to approve Ordinance #158 allowing for Sunday Liquor sales under certain circumstances.  The City Attorney will be contacted regarding this matter to see if a less restrictive ordinance for Sunday sales can be approved.

The Southwest Regional Development Commission has an opening on its governing board for a municipal representative from Redwood County.  No action was taken.

The City Clerk was contacted by HUD officials regarding Valley View Apartments.  At some point in the future there will be a foreclosure sale taking place and HUD was letting the city know about this as part of its procedures.

On motion by Irlbeck, seconded by Knutson, the council voted unanimously to approve the following appointments for 2017:

Official Newspaper:                                   Lamberton News

Acting Mayor:                                            Terry Neperman

Official Depository:                                    First Security Bank

City Attorney: Criminal Cases                   Redwood County Attorney

City Attorney: Civil matters                       Muske, Muske & Surhoff

City Engineer                                             Bolton and Menk, Inc.

Public Utilities:                                          Dave Irlbeck

Public Works:                                             Lydell Sik

Public Safety:                                             Bill Schaffran

Emergency Management Director:            Tom Neperman

EDA members: (2)                                     Bill Schaffran,

Lydell Sik

Relief Association Board of Trustees:(2)     Terry Neperman

Lydell Sik


The Council reviewed a written report from Police Chief Nick Hacker.

A letter from the City of Mankato was presented to the council regarding new proposed standards that the MPCA would like to implement in the Minnesota River Basin.  A number of cities are concerned that the proposed standards would be very expensive to implement without much effect.  On motion by Knutson, seconded by Sik, the council voted unanimously to approve joining this group.

Nick Anderson was present to ask the council to consider increasing the amount that the city contributes to employee HAS accounts.  The council decided not to make any changes to this policy.

The council discussed the position of Ambulance Director.  Nick Anderson, Heather Hacker and Allison Rue had applied for the position.  On motion by Irlbeck, seconded by Sik, the council voted unanimously to approve hiring Nick Anderson as Ambulance Director with a start date of February 1, 2017.

Wade Wellner informed the council that the parts for the fire hydrant have been ordered and received and MN Rural Water will help fix the hydrant.  Work has been done on the chemical feed for the water filter.  City personnel in a city pickup were involved in a two-vehicle accident at an uncontrolled intersection.  On motion by Knutson, seconded by Neperman, the council approved the maintenance report.

On motion by Irlbeck, seconded by Knutson, the council voted unanimously to approve a resolution setting the following rates for the city for 2017:

Resolution No. 1- 2017

Rates and Fees

Fire Department

Fire Call                                                                                           $800.00

Fire exceeding 2 hours                                                 $100.00 per hour

Use of foam                                                                   $$100 per pail of foam

Township Charge                                                                          $200.00 per section

Fire Truck maintenance                                                               $35.00 per month-Rob Davis

Ambulance Department

Non-emergency Base Rate                                                        $400.00

Basic Life Support-Base Rate                                                     $650.00

Basic Life Support-Mileage                                                        $15.00 per loaded mile

Advanced Life Support-Base Rate                                             $950.00

Advanced Life Support-Rate 2                                                   $1,050.00

Township/City Charge                                                                 $10.00 per capita

Public Works

Mowing/Weed Control                                                               $50.00 1st time

Mowing/Weed Control                                                               100.00 each time after

Snow Removal                                                                              $100.00 per hour

Administrative Fees

Copies   Black and White                                              $  .25 per page

Copies-Color                                                                                 $ 1.00 per page

Faxes                                                                                               $1.00 per page

Mileage reimbursement rate                                                     $  .53 cents/mile

Meal reimbursement       Breakfast                                           $ 10.00

Lunch                                                 $ 15.00

Dinner                                                $ 20.00


Animal License                                                                              $5.00 annually

ATV permit                                                                                     $10.00 annually

Planning and Zoning

Building Permit                                                                              $25.00

Conditional Use                                                                            $100.00

Variance                                                                                         $100.00

Rezoning of property                                                                   $100.00

Street vacation                                                                             $150.00

Failure to obtain building permit                                3 x’s the building rate fee

Community Center

Rental fee                                                                                      $50.00

Alcohol License and permits

On-Sale License                                                                            $1,050.00 Annual

Off-Sale License                                                                            $   100.00 Annual

3.2 Malt Liquor On-Sale                                                              $    75.00 Annual

3.2 Malt Liquor Off-Sale                                                             $    25.00 Annual

Temporary Liquor License                                                          $    10.00 per day

Sunday Liquor                                                                                $   200.00 annual

Park Fees

Kuhar Park Campground Rent                                                    $ 10.00 per night

Shelter rentals                                                                               $ No charge


The council will review the park fees and adjust them as improvements are made.

 On motion by Sik, seconded by Neperman, the council unanimously passed a motion to approve the application of the American Legion Club for a Temporary Sunday Liquor License for February 5, 2017.

Mayor Schaffran talked about issues regarding assessed value that had been brought up at the last meeting.  He had talked to the County Assessor and she told him that the owner would be contacted to discuss these issues.

On motion by Knutson, seconded by Neperman, the council voted unanimously to approve the financial report including donations, operating transfers, new vendors and payment of between meeting bills in the amount of $6,163.46.

The Council was informed that the taxes on the clinic property will be going up in 2017 and the city will contact the Mayo Clinic about the rent on the building.

On motion by Irlbeck, seconded by Knutson, the council unanimously approved BCA training for the police department.

The petition for street vacation by the Leon Benedict property needs to be completed before any action can be taken.

The council review information from Bolton and Menk, Inc. regarding capital improvement needs.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,                                 Approved,

Steven Flaig, Clerk                                          Bill Schaffran, Mayor