City Council Minutes August 10, 2015

The regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Lamberton was held on August 10, 2015, in the City Office at 7:00 pm.

Members present for the meeting were Mayor Bill Schaffran, Councilmembers Dave Irlbeck, Darrell Knutson, Terry Neperman, Lydell Sik and Clerk Flaig.

On motion by Sik, seconded by Irlbeck, the council voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the July meeting.

On motion by Knutson, seconded by Neperman, the council voted unanimously to approve claims #13151 through #13208 in the amount of $48,187.04.

There was no VVM report. The council was presented with last month’s P and L Statement and it was noted that at the end of July there were 35 residents at VVM. The new buyer’s had meet with staff earlier in the day. PERA will have a person on hand to meet with staff on Tuesday. The buyer requested and the city approved moving the proposed closing date to September 1st.

Police Chief Hacker is on vacation and there was no police report.

The council was presented with notification from the Department of Health officially approving the climbing wall at the pool. A float rope will need to be added. He did check the rest of the pool and took water readings. He noted that the water clarity was very good and that all the readings were good.

State Demographer estimates were presented to the council. The population estimate is 810 with a household estimate of 365.

The County Board of Commissioners has requested a city representative attend the Commissioner meeting on August 18th to discuss tax forfeited property that will be coming up for sale this year. A councilmember will attend.

The council discussed the Kuhar Park Celebration that will be held on August 14th. It was noted that the DNR has installed the boat landing and a refurbished dock on the river.

On motion by Neperman, seconded by Knutson, the council unanimously approved a beer garden for LJ’s on Main during Hot Iron Days.

Wade Wellner gave the maintenance report. He presented a list of surplus property to the council. On motion by Irlbeck, seconded by Neperman the council unanimously approved offering for sale the surplus property. He did talk about the Health Department inspection of the climbing wall and the pool. Notices have been posted on some of the abandon property. A quote was received form Caldwell Asphalt for seal coating. The city also received a quote from Bargin Inc. for applying a product called Replay to the streets. On motion by Knutson, seconded by Sik, the council voted unanimously to have Caldwell Asphalt do the seal coating. The city will drill the gutter by Darrell Graff’s driveway so water can drain. On motion by Irlbeck, seconded by Sik, the council unanimously approved his report.

Linda Horning was present about her water bill. She had a toilet that was leaking and asked if the city could reduce the cost. Motion by Sik, seconded by Irlbeck, and unanimously approved to reduce the cost by one half of the excess amount.

Tom Anderson requested the use of the city property by the old Lamberton Drug Store when he holds an auction there. The council approved allowing him to use the property.

It was noted that the EDA will proceed with putting electricity in the Southside Second Addition.

On motion by Neperman, seconded by Knutson, the council voted unanimously to approve donations, operating transfers, new vendors and payment of between meeting bills in the amount of $5,187.89.

Mayor Schaffran had contacted the Clara City Telephone Company about the cable TV system.

The Council recessed the regular meeting at 8:00 pm to hold a hearing on the proposal to change the zoning of parcel 83-023-3142 in the Southwest Corner of Lot 3, Section 23, Township 109, Range 37 from “R1” Residential to “C-1” Commercial. This property is owned by Orlando Meyer. People attending the meeting were Dale Skow, Greg Painter, Orlando Meyer and Dan and Sara Kronbach. If approved the property would be acquired by Dan Kronbach and a building would be built on the site that would be used for working on semi tractors. Neighboring residents were concerned about the crepe of commercial property into residential areas. It was noted that the parcel is located on CSAH 6 and is immediately adjacent to existing Commercial property. The hearing was adjourned at 8:15 pm and the council resumed the regular meeting.

On motion by Sik, seconded by Irlbeck, to amend the Zoning Ordinance to change the designation of parcel 83-023-3142 from Residential to Commercial. The motion passed unanimously.